1. HELLO FRIENDS. I am really poor and selling some of my original art. It would mean so much to me if you would take a look and maybe share this amongst your tumblr chums. Check out my stuff at 


    Here is a sample of the cheap delights that await you!


  2. The Abyss, ©Sarah Mangold 2014


  3. Floral Fixation, © Sarah Mangold 2014


  4. Portrait of my father, © Sarah Mangold 2014


  5. Black and white things, © Sarah Mangold 2014

    (sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog friends, hold tight for some more stuff over the coming days)


  6. Yo dudes, sorry for my absence. This is some of what I’ve been up to lately.


  7. T.V party tonight! © Sarah Mangold 2013


  8. "Hipster, yo!" © Sarah Mangold 2013


    I think drawing the triangles has given me R.S.I. I hope you’re satisfied, hipsters!


  9. Bear Head © Sarah Mangold 2013


  10. 'Kitsch Bitch' © Sarah Mangold 2013


  11. Mandala kaleidoscope thing I was trying out, I think in future I will not use orange. It offends my eyes.


  12. 'Crystallise' © Sarah Mangold 2013


  13. I did two drawings today since I inadvertently skipped a day to begin with. (My favourite food is actually laksa but have you ever tried drawing laksa? Burgers are a close second).


  14. My scanner is fairly crappy and so this is not exactly true to colour. But still, I present to you my favourite animal in the world. Boris is a weirdo but I love him dearly.


  15. 30 DAY DRAWING CHALLENGE I AM DOING IT. This is done with connector pens and felt tip pens. FUN FACT: My face actually ends in a flowery beard spew thing but I use a really good concealer so you can barely notice.